Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Mine are already beginning to fade as my head recovers from a wild night of village feasting and feting beginning on the 31 and continuing well into the 1st. There were flagons of champagne. There were pots of foie gras. There was even a boar roasting on a spit above the fire. And there was far too much dancing for these creaky old bones.

In New York I would be in bed with my book and cocoa by 9:30. Will I be able to keep up with the pace of life in Rignac? I heard this part of rural France was quiet in winter- mortel même. I also heard that the winters were mild... I feel like a Dickensian creature as I make my way gingerly down the icy steps to the cellar to retrieve faggots of wood for me fire. Brrrrr...

Here is a picture of the Rignac I have known and painted for the last fifteen years- Rignac in summer. Will I be able to survive here the whole year round? Stay tuned.


anburaj said...

well done and keep up the resolution with regular postings of watercolours of the lovely countryside.

Cassandra said...

Nice work!

Linda Olle and Jensen Wheeler Wolfe said...

Catherine, Your lovely barn makes a perfect gallery! I so long to get there, and wish to take a class. Please include a link to my E-Blog:

Cheers from the UES and the USA,