Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have trouble painting green, and warned Vitali before he arrived about the lush verdant summer we are having here due to heavy rains. But he manages somehow to paint green succesfully. He has spent a week in my barn/studio painting the immediate surrounds of my village (and me- see below.) For more of Vitali's work, check out his website:

Any serious artist who wants to spend a week or two painting here and staying in my studio can contact me.

Self delusion, or the difference in five years?

Ok, I painted the self portait on the left about five years ago, and yesterday my new friend Vitali Komarov, a painter from Russia and living in the Czech Republic painted the one on the right. So which one is me? I guess they both are. I like the confident self portrait, but I definitely recognise the more reflective sadness of Vitali's portrait. I of course now want to do another self portrait...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open doors

With the helpful direction of Bokassa, one of the stars of Handspring Puppet Company's Chimp Project, Mayor Daniel Wattier of Rignac cut the ribbon and launched my gallery on June 6th. For years the gallery has been so much talk, but now it's a reality. Art will be posted so stay tuned.

Handspring directors Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones are friends from Michaelis School of Fine Art days in Cape Town, so it was wonderful to have them in Rignac for the occasion.