Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cezanne died one hundred years ago this year. He has to be my favourite painter. Here is a beautiful study to share with and inspire you. It is called Still life with apples, and is in the Getty Museum.

I am still slogging away on the jacket. No sketching for the moment, but lovely foggy walks with Thabo.


Dinner Table said...

Come on Catherine.
I was beginning to enjoy your
daily new picture.

Simon Langer said...

Hi there, I was surfing the internet and I found your blog. I like the way how this all works.

I'll come by again.

Many thanks,

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peaches said...

Thanks for the little kick, Chandran. I have been having the usual technology hastles: new computer doesn't like old scanner and printer. Old computer doesn't like new airport. So I end up having to scan images into my old computer and emailing image to myself which I open in new computer and it involves so much wire and settings changing that it makes me lose interest. But the odd emails and comments from people are appreciated and rewarding.