Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here is a small oil painting of flowers and quinces on my table that was inspired by my love of Cezanne. I wonder how many people over the years have been inspired by the "father of us all", as Picasso called him. I did this painting in about an hour, and am not sure whether it is finished. Does the unpainted canvas bother you?


Dinner Table said...

Thats good.
its so great to see you having all this artistic energy in the midst of a very cold winter.
you are an inspiration.
keep it up


MMComstock said...

I agree with Chandran. But more--your blogs are charming and inspiring too. I love the book cover, and the pointy ears in the barn. And share your reverence for Cezanne's work.

Peace & cheer,

peaches said...

Thanks Margot.

Mme. Graham et Ms. Rudko said...

No, the uncluttered/underpainted background is pleasing.
Neat blog.

artyredhead said...

Hi Cathy

It is a pleasure to read your blog and even more to see your work.
I LOVE your childrens book illustrations! My children really appreciate the lovely portrait you did of me, and they do not like the one I painted of myself... so alatogether there is no accounting for tastes because I really love my own self portrait... so must leave it all to Count Orloff of Verdi's masked ball "chac'un au son gout"
I like the open canvs in your stil life, but I think a bit of warm colour in the fruit would give stronger life to the image (again - just my opinion)
Keep well
Annie Fritz alias Artyredhead, now in Sydney Australia