Friday, February 26, 2010

Things are never quite as they seem...

Two days after I booked my ticket to Zimbabwe and South Africa, my house sitters informed me that they had just been offered a gig in Greece and were leaving.

After a total meltdown as I feared I wouldn't be able to find anyone else to look after the animals and would have to forfeit my ticket, I received an email from Opodo, my internet travel agency, informing me that they had annulled my ticket as the price had increased before they could process my credit card.

As my dogs had been accused of killing some sheep and there was to be a tribunal of sorts, I resigned myself to staying in France to make amends, only to find out the other day that another pair of black and white dogs had been seen harassing cows. Mine have been under lock down ever since the incident, so it seems that they are innocent after all. A huge relief.

Meanwhile I have decided to focus on my book, take part in a sixteen week French government health study that involves several hours of speed walking a week, and tackle a little self discipline on several other fronts which need attention.

My garden is full of small white snowdrops and daffodils and tulips have pushed themselves out of the ground. Life could be a lot worse.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blast from the past

My lovely friend and neighbour Linda Olle, alias Parsley Cresswell, in New York has published a cookbook, including a recipe and a drawing of mine. Check out this fabulous video that she has just posted to publicize it. Really brings back memories of my old Upper East Side neighbourhood.