Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Balmy spring arrival?!

In spite of disastrous floods in the UK and blistering cold in North America, we are having beautiful sunny, nay balmy weather here in southwest France. Bird song filled the woods and by the end of the Monday afternoon randonnĂ©e, many of us had stripped down to our tee shirts.

Wonderful way to start the new year. That's Paddy the naughty border collie right in the front at the top of the hill, and me a tiny dark blob right at the back at the bottom of the hill. I had had a sleepless night because Paddy went walkabout yesterday, only returning at 4am, but he was more than ready for more adventures.

I was revived at the end of the walk however by a fĂȘte of Blanquette de Limoux (poor man's champagne but just as good to those of us who don't know better) and galette, frangipane king cake, a French tradition.

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