Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Three Bears and more...

I was to arrive in England the day after the Edward Ardizzone show closed at the Illustrator's Cupboard Gallery in London. He and Ernest Shepard have to be my favourite illustrators and I was bitterly disappointed. However when I emailed the gallery, I was told that they would be happy to pull out some pieces to show me if I stopped in. I arrived on my last morning to find that the gallery only opened in the afternoon on Saturdays, but just as I was about to trudge off dejectedly, a young woman arrived and inserted her key in the door. She welcomed me in and pulled out all the pieces. What a treat to be able to pour over the pen and line work, and see where and when Ardizzone had reworked a small part of a picture. Sigh, if only I had a spare thousand pounds or two I would have gladly exchanged them for one of these exquisite little treasures.

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