Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Esprit de Corps

The Soirée de Dessin group that meets in my studio to draw from a model on Monday evenings is going to have an exhibition in my gallery on May 29th. Remy has offered to print up invitations and posters. I have thought of an appropriate title for the show: Esprit de Corps. (The French love double entendres.)

Elisabeth de la Perouse Coleman is going to open the show for us. She can always be relied on for a witty and pithy introduction.

Now the problem is going to be to choose a drawing for the poster. I thought of this one, but I think something a little more discreet is necessary for public consumption.

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Our Juicy Life said...

ohhhh...I love this one. It is france and it's only showing the bum so what's the big deal. Hope we can come up for the show.