Friday, December 27, 2013

Watermelon sale

The first morning of my watercolour workshop, we do lots of exercises practicing the wash, the foundation of watercolour technique, including soft and hard edges. (Soft edges are created by damping the paper before painting the wash.) 

In the afternoon we execute what I call a "Watermelon Haiku." I lead the students through various steps so in the end, everyone has a finished painting.

Often the stars of the morning trade places with the frustrated sloppier students, some of whom have come close to tears after spilling blobs of paint and water all over their exercises. These students usually excel in the afternoon with really stunning and interesting watermelons, made vivid, lively and fresh by spontaneous accidents.

After fifteen years of teaching workshops twice a year, I have a lot of watermelons.  Here are a few if anyone wants to fork over between 50 and 75 euros for one (mounted) plus shipping.

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