Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring cleaning

After several weeks of cold wet weather, I spent the last three days getting Le Tramizal into nick: dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, wiping, washing, painting, shaking, mowing, trimming, raking and pruning.

First official guests arrived this weekend so I had to get the Winter Cottage and garden into tiptop shape.  Tough work.

Here are the results: first the winter cottage, then the garden, then the summer cottage, and finally the barn/gallery.

Le Tramizal and La Sirène du Causse gallery at their best, behind curtains of white wisteria blossoms buzzing with honey bees.


HSF in the Bahamas said...

Le of my most favourite places in the whole wide world.

Wendy McWhorter said...

Oh how lovely to see the cottage, garden, peaches and everything that reminds me of the wonderful 2 weeks spent in your beautiful oasis in Rignac. Spring looks just as beautiful as Summer. I bet you are loving the pizza place. Can't make it to France this summer but maybe next. All the best to you and swamp monster.

Wendy and Tom McWhorter