Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chez moi

When I was in Cape Town, I couldn't understand why I ever left. When I was in Zimbabwe, I wanted to up stakes and move there. But now I am home and energized from my holiday.

Last night the life drawing group convened for our Monday session after a long pause. My first effort was rubbish but the second one is better.

I have a writer in my Winter Cottage for a month, working on a book on Daniel Defoe, and was able to persuade her to pose for us.

A student last year told me she had a teacher who worked only with square brushes. I have never worked with a square brush before, so tried it. Square brush strokes tend to give a nice strong angular effect and I could see why one would get fussy students fiddling around with little brushes to use them.

I need to rework the neck to more clearly define her pearls on the right, which are blending into the neck to make it too wide. Then I think I will be happy.

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