Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Le Lieu Commun

Tucked up a little side street behind the church in St Céré is Le Lieu Commun, a small communal eating house where anyone can feast like royalty at midday on Wednesdays for five euros, provided one does without meat or alcohol. Christine and I had lunch there last week and volunteered to provide the group with some South African dishes this week. I made a cold cucumber/yoghurt /garlic/raisin/walnut soup served with toasted pita bread, and Christine wowed everyone with a South African curry replete with sambals: chopped tomatoes, green peppers and red onion, bananas, grated coconut and fresh coriander. Someone else brought along a ginger cake with fruit gathered from her garden and crème anglaise for desert. The conversation was as spicy as the meal. Bafana Bafana had just beaten the French Bleues the night before!

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