Saturday, May 29, 2010

La Sirène du Causse

For two years my gallery didn't have a name, let alone a sign. But complaints have been coming in from the tourist people. No one could find me.

I have been thinking about calling it La Sirène du Causse, or The Mermaid of the Causse, from the beginning, but thought a better name might come along. Nothing has.

The causse of Gramat is an ancient seabed with fossils in much of the sedimentary rock. I love the sea and feel a little landlocked here. I am a children's book illustrator, so a bit of fantasy is appropriate. Lastly, perhaps the legendary lure of the siren will draw some gold-lined pockets to the gallery.

Official departmental signs already point the way to the gallery, so ici seems enough to let everyone know that they are here. Besides I had run out of black paint. Strunk and White would approve.

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