Friday, July 31, 2009

A bouquet for you

Completed two weeks of the watercolour workshop on Friday and am recuperating. It's a lot of work- not just the teaching but also the shopping for and preparing of lunches, sorting out transport, lost cameras, passports, wallets, credit cards and bathing suits that inevitably occur when people are traveling. This year a Eugene tantrum was thrown into the mix which spiced things up when he suddenly decided three days in advance to let other people have his gite that my students had booked in January.

But the group was great and coped with all the above (to say nothing of the hordes of heatwave flies) with equanimity and humour and everyone left with a full portfolio and few extra inches from good rural French cuisine.

The painting is one of my demonstrations from the day we attacked flowers, which are all about edges.

More shots of student work to follow...

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