Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Two commissioned paintings I am working on. I love painting people, but I have a distinct style and perception; it's perhaps a little rough for some people. I like a slightly unfinished look, because to me the painting is more alive that way. It still breathes. I prefer working from life. There is an element of speed because time is limited, especially when painting young children. I have to go for for the most important features rather than getting bogged down in detail. Though in these two cases, I have worked quite a lot subsequently from photographs I took at the session.
The moment of truth has arrived- I have sent off the images and wait nervously for a reply. Whether my approach meshes with the sitter's, or rather the commissioner's expectations is another matter.


calerbeth said...

you're amazing. wow. what beautiful work.

peaches said...

Gosh- that was quick. I have only just posted those pictures! Well, I do hope the people who commissioned the portraits like them too...I am quite anxious.

Dave said...

Your artwork is terrific.

I also paint in water color and in pastel and dream of taking one of your workshops.

Also really enjoy your photos of the French village and countryside.