Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rough day

Had a rotten day. A couple of commissions seem to have fallen through, foul sleety weather, massive internet hassles, but those irritations paled when a neighbouring farmer arrived to tell me that Sam and another dog had killed one of his lambs early this morning.

So terribly distressing. I have ordered an invisible electric fence to cordon off the property and am hoping this will keep Sam from being able to wander off on his own at night. He always manages to slip out while we are schlepping in wood or taking out rubbish, or Thabo pushes open the door from outside.

Anyway, at least I have sorted out my internet problems and so was able to load a new batch of art for sale onto my website. This picture is of the vide grenier in Gramat last August, incidently when Sam first wandered into my life as I was painting.

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Unknown said...

Hello Peaches, just found your blog. Your pictures are lovely. Very atmospheric. I am sorry about your dog and the lamb incident. The same thing happened to a friend of ours who was forced to have his dog put down. V.sad. Hope you are having better days now.