Thursday, May 30, 2013

Les Caminols de Gramat

Here is a photo of my rambling club, Les Caminols de Gramat, from earlier in the spring. Caminol translates as a small path. We walk 8-12 kilometers every Monday and Friday afternoon, rain or shine.

I am on the right. Thabo, my pooch, is hidden behind one of the walkers with a hind leg protruding.  I was chucked out of my last rambling club because the leader, a retired riot control policeman, found Thabo too rambunctious, though I suspect it was me he found a bit hard to control. Anyway, this is a great group and they love dogs.

The stone hut is a cazal, a shepherd's hut that dots the causse, the plateau which is an ancient seabed. There are beautiful fossils in many of the stones, even the stones used to build houses.

Here is another photo from another day, near Floirac.

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