Sunday, June 27, 2010

Midsummer's Eve

Last night I forgo the annual Fête de St Jean in Rignac to attend a vide grenier at a friend's castle. We were all told to bring stuff we didn't want anymore to sell and swap. Being a perennial pack rat, I had difficulty finding anything to bring, but eventually opened a mobile bookshop/art gallery in the back of my 2CV.

I totally scored! Came home with a hand embroidered linen tablecloth, wooden salad servers, an old pewter tea service, a colourful painting of tulips, a lovingly mended Quimper plate, two old Provençal pots and a dozen white dinner plates after selling and swapping a couple of children's books and rooster prints.

After we packed up our loot, our hostess biblically produced enough humous, aperitifs, green salad, tomato/lentils, cold pork, cheese and desserts to feed over a hundred people.

A rising full moon completed the magical evening.

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