Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ballade on two wheels

Took advantage of balmy weather to cycle to Sarlat yesterday. Started in Cieurac, a lovely village just across the Dordogne from Souillac. The train track between Souillac and Sarlat was removed a few years ago and paved as a bicycle route. It's beautiful. The track is relatively flat and follows the river much of the way, winding around farms and villages, at one point disappearing into a long tunnel, until it turns north towards Sarlat. Then the climb through an oak forest is long but not too steep. Much of the trail is elevated. The colourful autumn leaves drifted down around me and crunched under my wheels.
Found a nice room in the center of town (La Maison du Notaire Royal- 45 euros) and had a delicious three course meal at La Rapière (18.50 euros). Saturday is market day in Sarlat. In summer the town is mobbed with tourists, but today it was very pleasant to breakfast in the sunny market square before setting off for home.

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