Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh Happy Days!

Four years ago I flew back to the US to vote the day before the election, and fell asleep as the returns were still coming in, secure that the country was turning blue, but woke up to four more years of W. I packed up my apartment and bags and moved to the country of cheese eating surrender monkeys. (OK ok, the fact that my lovely apartment had been turned into a windowless cellar had something to do with it.)

Last night I didn't take any chances and stayed up till 5:30 am. I chewed my fingernails to the bone, worried that inherent racists and tax-stingy plutocrats would sway the election, no matter what they or the polls said.

This morning I woke up singing and am sitting here in front of my computer looking at the photos on The New York Times website, tears streaming down my cheeks! This is the happiest I've been since I voted for Madiba!

It's pissing with rain here but my day is full of sunshine! Wish I was there to celebrate.



M said...

Hello, I just found your blog through OJL.

I seem to be cogratulating everyone remotely linked to America, so congratulations!

I can't quite believe the joy that has spread all the way to Australia.

Bruce Anderson said...

Yes, we did it. Long night and long nap yesterday and what the hell is up with the rain. Rain rain please go away!

Jann said...

Oh Happy days indeed!

Anonymous said...

It was so exciting here in Oakland California! All our neighbors ran outside screaming, honking, yelling, hugging and crying!Around the corner a party started up in the street, someone played their tv screen onto the side of their house and hundreds came to watch Obama's speech out in the dark street! None of us will ever forget it!

Unknown said...

My daughter who lives in Canada and teaches French went out the morning after the election and bought two cakes to take to her fifth grade students: one said "Hope" the other said "Espérer"

peaches said...

The next day, still punch drunk from little sleep, I stomped around my studio waving a tiny American flag every time NPR played a John Phillip Sousa march, which was fairly regularly. How great to know how universal my joy was!