Friday, October 31, 2008

Third time lucky- hooray!

I have done the jacket for this picture book three times now. I still prefer the first jacket I did- the wintery scene on the front cover contrasting with the warm African memory of boys playing soccer on the back cover, but the editors found the image too sad. The story is about a young Somalian refugee, and being a fellow African, I wanted to emphasize his homesickness and alienation. I spent a year at the University of London, and all the southern Africans in my residence used to sit together eating our stodgy toads-in-the-hole and fish'nchips, commiserating over the long cold grey English winter days.


africakidandtheworld said...

I like the first one because I remember when we moved to the US from Burundi--and that shows how I felt for a long time!
But the other cover is good too.

Bruce Anderson said...

i like the first one too, you can really feel what the child must be feeling, lost. the second one is beautiful too, but gives me a different feeling - more of hope.

Barbarella said...

The both are especial, reflexive and very beauty, I have liked the second (Yes!Is hopeful!), but I guess that if you want to keep closer the real life out there, the first may be the best!!

A hug from Barbara - Brazil!

Papadesdeux said...

Great work. And I love finding another tale of someone changing their life. Makes me feel less... crazy.

Anik said...

Hey Catherine!! Love them both. Can't tell which one is the old and which is the new, but the one on the bottom feels very special to me. Love the softness of it. Haven't had much time to post lately, but I enjoy checking out what you're up to. Can't wait to get back to France for a little trip one of these days!