Sunday, June 16, 2013

Apres l'Hiver, le Printemps

My lovely friend and "neighbour" Judith Lit, who lives in both New York and the Dordogne, invited us to the French premier of her first documentary feature film, Apr├Ęs l'Hiver, Le Printemps (After the Winter, the Spring) last week.

Judith grew up in Pennsylvania where she witnessed the slow dissolution of her grandparents' farm as a little girl, and saw parallel struggles in the lives and vocations of her rural French neighbours around Montignac, the town made famous by the nearby Lascaux caves.

The film includes many scenes where Judith is able to sensitively draw her subjects out into talking about their lives in moving detail. It's a stunningly beautiful film to watch, accompanied by a gentle and evocative soundtrack.

The film has already gleaned recognition and garnered a few awards at film festivals in the US. Look out for it.

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