Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Worudzi- the whistler

People keep telling me how lucky I am to live in France and are totally unsympathetic to any woes, groans, kvetches, etc emanating from moi. Well let me tell you that winter in a draughty cold stone barn when the temperatures plummet to -19C and all you have to heat the joint is a small woodstove is no picnic.

I have just come home after two weeks in Zimbabwe and believe me, forget what the newspapers have to say, it's definitely the destination of choice in February. Cape Town ain't too bad neither.

These photos were swiped from my sister's website, except for the one of the penguins which was taken with my point&shoot. Rex, the lion, grew up in Vanessa's house with two other young female cubs.

My brother-in-law, who speaks fluent Venda, tells me that the farm workers call me Worudzi because I am always whistling. Kind of cool.

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