Monday, April 25, 2011

Poissons dans le Fôret de Rignac

About fifteen years ago, I bought a tree to plant in front of my barn on communal land. The village cantonnier planted it in winter while I was away, in the wrong spot! After I had a hissy fit, they allowed me to plant another one in the right spot, and the two are colloquially referred to as Le Fôret de Rignac.

People have long been complaining that they can't find my gallery, La Sirène du Causse (translates roughly to The Mermaid of the Ancient Seabed. We have fossils everwhere in the sandstone rock.) So with the help of Ron and his jigsaw, I have now hung painted fish in Le Fôret's trees where they are twirling happily in the breeze: sort of rural French 17th century strobe lighting.

In addition to catching the eye of passers by, they will hopefully prevent the myriad of shade seeking cars from cluttering up the forest.

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