Friday, March 19, 2010


The cows finally emerged from their barns this week. The nights are still crisp and a fire in the grate very welcoming, but the days are gloriously sunny. Snowdrops have been replaced by shy violets and daffodils in the woods.

Between Gym Tonique, my stretch class, speed walking three times a week for a heart study program in Toulouse, and walking the dogs, I am getting a fair amount of exercise. For an annual fee of 60 euros a year (about 80 dollars US) I participate in the state sponsored exercise classes four times or more a week.

I just cannot understand the resistance so many Americans have to a national health system. According to The New York Times, the French have the best medical care in the world, and it's universal.

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Kieren Dutcher said...

There ARE many here in the US who want universal health care-mostly on the 2 liberal coasts, it seems. After all, we are all paying for health care already for everyone in this country, with emergency room visits the most expensive type of health care, and for many, their only option. Preventive care is so much cheaper and healthier for everyone. Seems like a no-brainer to me.