Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Saga of Sam

Look at this face. Irrisitable, no? This scruffy looking mutt was wandering around Gramat for a couple days, dirty and collarless. I took him home, bathed him, photographed him, and posted his mug all over town hoping he would be claimed. Someone called but she never came to get him. Her life was "complicated" she said. So Sam came to Spain with us to camp on the beach and learn to swim. Since being home, he has caught and eaten one chicken, chased the sheep, and even taunted the cows in the fields. So I tied him up, but he chewed his way through two leashes and a collar and on Sunday I wasn't woken up with his usual kiss on my nose at dawn. Sam had disappeared and I was frantic. He wasn't home for his dinner so on Monday I called the police and yes, they had him. So he's back, this time with my name and number on his collar. I am taking things one day at a time. Every morning and evening he has to be walked on a retractable lead until we get to open fields so I can correct him. Thabo is teaching him to sit. And I think he is beginning to learn his new name. Sam. Sigh... I guess it's my life that's complicated now...

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