Saturday, May 02, 2009

Watching paint dry?

Every morning before I even splash water on my face or gulp down eye-opening coffee, I run outside in my nightie to check on my vegetable patch. This is what I have so far:

1. a row of freesias
2. leeks
3. cauliflower
4. radishes
5. feuilles de chene (a tender lettuce)
6. courgettes (zucchini)
7. mache (lamb's lettuce)
8. aubergine
9. lettuce (Boston)
10. green peppers
11. basil, oregano, and chives and parsley
12. beef tomatoes
13. spinach
14. rhubarb
15. peas
16. cherry tomatoes
17. onions
18. potatoes
19. broccoli
20. carrots
21. bok choi (Swiss chard)
22. mangetouts
23. green beans
24. Brussel sprouts
25. sweet corn

Today I was thrilled to find that the radishes and green beans have sprouted. I am over the moon! I just couldn't believe those tiny, tiny black dots would amount to anything. Everyone in the village is laughing at me. I have planted way too much and they say everything is going to be ready to harvest at the same time. I will have to open a grocery stand in front of the gallery. At least they might sell in this economy...

The bouquet of muguets, or lilies of the valley, were sent to me yesterday by a friend. It's a traditional French greeting on the 1st of May.