Tuesday, December 16, 2008

La Mer et les Rochers

Late on Monday afternoon, I found an alarming message from my model Clare on my answer phone. She was snowed in and couldn't free up her car to come and model for the group.

Aargh! This meant that I would have to stand in the for the model as it was too late to cancel the evening. Then I thought of a neighbouring pal and called him up. Could he/would he fill in for Clare? Caught off guard and lacking an excuse, he agreed.

"It's very different drawing a man," I told the group. "Drawing a woman is like capturing a poem on paper. With men, one has to study the anatomy, the skeletal structure, the muscle groups, the angular shapes. The male body is more about power..."

Jean-Louis sighed. "It's the difference between drawing the sea and the rocks."

I struggled with these sketches and threw them all in the bin. That extra fatty layer on women really helps fudge anatomical mistakes. But today I looked at them again and think they're not too bad. Struggling can make a drawing more interesting.

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